& Juliet

& Juliet

Featuring songs by the acclaimed Max Martin, & Juliet is the fun-loving new musical to sing along to. It reimagines Shakespeare’s classic, where this time Juliet’s famous ending is just her beginning.


Manchester Opera House

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Featuring songs by the acclaimed Max Martin, & Juliet is the fun-loving new musical to sing along to. It reimagines Shakespeare’s classic, where this time Juliet’s famous ending is just her beginning. Instead of following Romeo’s fate, Juliet decides to take charge of her life and start living by her own rules. Together with Nurse, Juliet escapes to Paris to find herself, embarking on an adventure of self-love and self-discovery…oh and a huge castle party. As expected, this huge production is already selling out tickets, with & Juliet being the hottest new musical to hit the West End. The imaginative musical celebrates beloved characters as never seen before. Juliet, now a woman of her own will singing to Britney; Shakespeare and Romeo comically duetting to the Bon Jovi; and Anne Hathaway envoking her inner Celine Dion. It’s a new spin on a vintage tale, taking Shakespeare from the pop culture of the 15th century to today. The story is the product of an award-winning creative team. Luke Sheppard (In the Heights) directs and David West Read (Netflix’s Schitt’s Creek) writes. Together they wove some of the biggest pop anthems from the past three decades into a fun and novel plot. For anyone that grew up in the 90’s and 00’s, the soundtrack to & Juliet is likely to be the soundtrack of your childhood. ‘Baby One More Time’, ‘Everybody’, ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ and ‘Problem’ are just a few of the mega songs included. Grammy Award-winning orchestra Bill Sherman masterfully rearranges them, making them feel brand new. Sheppard claims that Max Martin’s lyrics are central to the plot, and you’ll hear his songs like never before. Max Martin is undeniably one of the biggest songwriters of all time. From Ariana Grande to Justin Timberlake, you’d be surprised how many artists owe thanks to the Swedish songwriter for launching their careers. & Juliet marks Martin’s musical debut, binding together his classic hits in a stunning new show. The fusion of styles and electric energy of & Juliet is unmistakable. Choreography from Jennifer Weber and breath-taking set design from Soutra Gilmour add to the creative influx stylising the show. It’s bold, daring, and hilarious; the ingredients that make up an exciting musical…not to mention the outrageous music. Be one of the first to see this production that’s destined to be huge with tickets to see & Juliet now.


With its classical façade and constantly changing shows, the Opera House is one of Manchester’s most distinctive and high output commercial touring theatres. Along with its sister venue The Palace Theatre, the 1,920-seater Opera House attracts all the hottest touring musicals, ballet, concerts and pantomimes to the North of England, earning its reputation as an iconic Manchester landmark. The Opera House originally opened under the name the New Theatre in 1912 before it was renamed the Opera House in 1920. The theatre operated for almost sixty years before it was closed in 1979, spending the next five years being used as a bingo hall. Thankfully the Opera House was acquired by the Palace Trust in 1984 and returned to its original function as a theatre how it's thrived ever since. The Opera House has a storied history of presenting musicals in particular as the site of West Side Story’s European premiere in 1958 and the regional debut of The Phantom of the Opera in 1993. If you find yourself with an evening spare and fancy tapping your toes to your favourite songs, the Opera House will help you do just that. See + compare ticket prices to Manchester Opera House shows below.


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